Originally Analyse That® was a run-of-the-mill Analytics consultancy business. We were skilled and economically successful, but we haven’t found what makes us unique. We were missing core values that we all believed would make us better.

The Analyse That team took on a challenge to a create a psychologically safe business environment. One where everyone was free to express any idea they had and by working together using collective human intelligence to discover what works for us.

We now believe what makes Analyse That different is that we attempt to embed our business values into everything we do no matter what that is. By doing this, it keeps us on the path to business happiness for both our customers and us.

A happy, sustainable business is a business that we believe will naturally achieve great things and it now has!


We live in a world that is continuously changing; we want to change with it and design our methods to allow for and even encourage more change. If everyone is doing the same thing, that’s our sign to explore something different.


We want to be transparent with our customers, building trust and understanding on how we can work fair and smart to create win-win goals.  We are here to aid progress by learning from each other.

Sustainable Progress

We are mindful system thinkers, designing for sustainable progress for people, processes and tools.

Continuous Improvement

We all need to start somewhere, and we can always do better. Everything we do needs to allow for constant improvement by giving and listening to feedback.


We want to take on tasks that are challenging. We want to amaze ourselves by seeing what we can achieve by working together and pushing each other.

Resourceful & Innovative

We are never wasteful and constantly test our skills and creativity to make the most of what we already have.


We work hard to make the complex simple to improve adoption and share with others.


These values act as our “North Star” for delivering a sustainable business that is a joy to work with in providing business value.