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The founder's journey that led to this business

  • Wouldn't it be AMAZING to create 100s of systems, co-created by 1000s of members, to help 1,000,000s of people trying to improve their lives?

    We would all be RICH right?! Maybe, but more importantly, we would feel productive and better positioned to help others when they need it.

    Now that is a good feeling that is priceless to me.
    Glenn Renwick Analyse That Ltd

What problem are we trying to solve?

This is a fire-fighting type of question. We are to be fire-preventers. We do not focus on a particular problem as such; we are focusing on a balanced, sustainable, productive lifestyle and work to create the Systems to achieve that lifestyle.

Often when we do this, those so-called problems don't even require solving, they start to dissolve on their own. Solving every problem imaginable is impossible as new solutions often cause new problems. But building a system to support a preferred lifestyle is very much possible.
Your task is to design your lifestyle and then we can work together to build systems around that, so by default your life starts to align to that.

A lot of people in today's workforce can feel trapped.

You may look at others and think, they have good jobs, dress nicely, doing well for themselves, why can't I have that? But more often than not they feel trapped too.
Too busy all the time, not doing what they want to do, doing things they don't want to do. Feeling that they can't get out of it because there are just too many dependencies on them.
What a mess we have got ourselves in to. But it's not our fault; we simply got caught up in a BAD SYSTEM.

I'm not going to tell you that you need to believe in yourself, leave your job, chase your dream - there is enough of that all over the internet already. I want us to help change BAD Systems by gradually creating our own GOOD Systems. Systems designed to help you be more productive in doing what you feel would be the most valuable for you.

If you have enough good systems, you start chipping away at the bad ones, until nothing is left of it. That is what we are aiming for.

Maybe you don't have to go searching for something better. What you are seeking may already be around you, just under a cloud of bad systems.

Do you have the will to create or change systems and improve what has always been right there in front of you?

Join me on my journey to discover Systems that are sustainable, balanced and just work.

Below is the design of my own (Glenn Renwick's) preferred lifestyle which includes the creation of this business. This website will showcase the Systems used to achieve that lifestyle.

We hope this inspires you to connect with us and so we can learn and help each other to bring more desired lifestyles to life.

Thank you.


Founder's journey in discovering Analyse That®

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