Do A Task: Focus using a System Thinking Pomodoro Technique

How to keep focused on doing a task

Why we created the Do A Task System   We all love those days when we are bursting with creative, entrepreneurial energy and up for any task. We jump head first into it and knock it out. You don’t even bother with task lists, right? You just get the job done. I used to do…

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Plant System Part 2 – Apply it

Plant System Applied

How can we apply the Plant System to business? Here we are going to use our Plant System and explore how we can apply the system thinking model to business. Like a plant, we can grow from small beginnings; we really shouldn’t need a lot of resources to get at least something going. The dreams…

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Plant System: A Natural System Thinking Approach to Business Planning

Grow you business like a plant

The System Thinking Plant System This is a great system thinking model to help you and your business to start creating a healthy Systempreneur culture. Inspired by nature, this System Thinking model will demonstrate how we balance activities to create a fast-flowing productive system that just works. Even though a weed in my garden inspired…

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The Signup System

Hopefully you are finding this post because you have already signed up from the homepage. You’ve read the Thank You page, you’ve submitted some feedback and you wanted to know more about the model. If so, awesome. That is the journey we designed for you to best show you what we design. Now, lets get into…

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